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By KirstenLee Cinquetti, December 19, 2011 47 Comments

Alas the crowdfunder did not reach it's target, it is perhaps unfortunate that the funding pitch came at a time where I have limited internet and could not make more of a song and dance about it... But should I need too? I had a review of previous downloads and stats over the last year from the sit.. Read More

By KirstenLee Cinquetti, October 17, 2011 104 Comments

Many of you have asked and wondered what the future would hold for the Viewer, well here is the answer.. After lots and lots of thought and quite a bit of behind the scenes activity we are going to go Crowdfunder! The upshot of the whole deal is this, a target has been set to fund the entire projec.. Read More

By Jabba Aabye, September 22, 2011 29 Comments

On behalf of KirstenLee and Dawny we want to thank everyone for the massive support, grand donations and wonderfull words we received in these last couple of weeks. It gives hope looking into the future and keep their heads up for the hard time to come. Their plans dealing with the current chalenge.. Read More

By KirstenLee Cinquetti, September 08, 2011 187 Comments

You may have noticed that the client has not been updated in some time. Sadly Real Life events have taken an unfortunate turn which basically puts an end to any more development. The Plans for S22 have been shelved and the project has been marked as discontinued. Installers have been removed as th.. Read More

By Jabba Aabye, July 23, 2011 71 Comments

First of all.. Let's present our new logo designed by Netrex (sorry, dutch), the company behind the webserver and hosting of our domain. The previous one was 'designed' by me (Jabba), which was like... crap (my thought). Second, we have some updates for the website coming along that includes a new .. Read More